Bac Ha Market Travel Guide

Bac Ha Market
Bac Ha Market

There are several minority markets around Bac Ha in which Bac Ha Sunday Market is the most popular spot. In the market, you can see Flower H’mong people and other ethnic groups gathering to buy and sell items like buffaloes, pigs, horses, wine and handicrafts.

Bac Ha market
Bac Ha market

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What to do?

Bac Ha Market, approximately 80km from Sapa , is the most colorful and biggest fair for minority groups. At the market, visitors can see colourful ethnic people such as Flower H’mong, Phu La and Dao Tuyen gathering to buy and sell very lively. It is a chance to take nice photos.

Bac Ha market
Bac Ha market

Nearby Bac Ha, it’s the Ban Pho village inhabited by the Flower H’mong; you can do a light trekking to the village and meet hospitable, friendly people . Other villages are also closed by Bac Ha including Trieu Cai, Na Ang and Na Hoi.

How to get there?

The best option for journeys from Hanoi to Sapa is to take night trains to Lao Cai. From Lao Cai, we take another 45-minute drive to Sapa; and Bac Ha is 93km away. You can choose either private transportation or sharing bus to reach Bac Ha.


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