Restoration Cats

Restoration cat rolling roast beef
Restoration cat rolling roast beef

Have to say, improving clean Cats is a vegetable, a specialty of natural gift for upland Sapa, have vitality, grow well, very good disease resistance. House Hmong, Dao when entertaining guests Rice, host just a slash, hilly spit some mustard grows on the rocks washed or trimmed some sheath is made a clean vegetable dinner guests. Due to the unique appeal of wealth and cats, fresh vegetables are now available in many places.

Restoration Cats – Specialty of Sapa

In Sapa, with climate and terrain with upland soil characteristics, in this misty town, mustard plants growing wild cats and grown cats noi. Nguoi told that improvement is a feature only vegetables Sapa sore neck. Tabloid had long dark green, curly leaf edges and there are two types hairless and smooth. Type hairy eat crunchy, sweet, tasty and usually selected for more cooking. Previously, people only grow wealth Sapa cats to eat, not to sell. However, due to the demands of today’s tourists that this vegetable was sold a lot in town, even becoming one of the famous food specialties Sapa in restaurants and hotels.

Restoration cat
Restoration cat

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Restoration Cats like cabbage delicious, very attractive if they are fried with beef, buffalo meat. The dark green stalks re vegetables, crunchy, chewy and slightly sweet rings, distinctive taste of alpine cuisine. Restoration Cats are also widely used in the hotpot. Embed a handful of improvements have been screw cat breaks into pieces in pot fishing or try to win (heart horse, goat, bovine fresh boiled with powdered galangal, cardamom, cinnamon stitching, anise), we will see cool sweetness , fresh dish of vegetables plus ecstatic aroma of the dish. CaiMeo rarely eat with knife pot that must wring vegetables into sections such breaks new hold-taste of vegetables (or at least not the way you eat to make up feel like psychologically with diners).

Vegetable to eat with restoration cat
Vegetable to eat with restoration cat

Enjoy Restoration Cats

Cats vegetables can also be processed into many dishes as fried, cooked, boiled vegetables … With this, you can simply add a piece of ginger chopped pounding tread entered into boiling water, add a little seasoning salt, pepper puree soup was delicious with a cool, very good cooling in the hot summer days or diners eat hangover, beer. More elaborately, vegetables can be cooked with chicken, beef, lean meats minced with a little spice. Soup will be a culinary experience with very unique flavors.

In Sapa, local people often improved processing this unique kind of people led tasty dishes, excellent eat try once when traveling Sapa like fried, boiled, eating soup, ginger soup or barbecue on … But no matter how the reform process cat retains taste sweet but He is his throne.


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