Spring fish grilled

Grilled spring fish
Grilled spring fish

SaPa is not only famous land by beautiful natural scenery, the fresh cool climate, but also where there are dishes with bold flavors are more tourists mountains especially preferred. First to mention fish from streams Muong Hoa, Muong Tien bring up selling market town. Visitors to Sapa impossible not to taste the spring fish Sapa – an unforgettable specialty here. Sapa more spring fish and taste unlike any other place.

At first listen will surely have many nonbelievers because Sapa is a mountainous district, alpine terrain then do whole fish. But what’s interesting fish dishes are the fish species living Sapa in the ravine. Spring fish of several kinds: white fish like fish raceways flattened body, the flower fish, goby, fish have black and colored moss with ice. Sapa spring fish are not big, just by finger, to really just like handles. Especially as no more spring fish fishy taste. Catch fish, grill fire on the banks of the stream profile to be able to take a long-term or to sell the restaurants in town.

Grilled spring fish
Grilled spring fish

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Add a very special fish dishes throughout the local people, but little is known for dishes (fish leaf spring pack) This item comes from the locals often go on long forest, they prepared food to carry processed food is simple but ensure eat once remember not to forget.

Sapa often reclining spring fish in blue for easy camouflage as well as to the interstitial ice algae. More spring fish bone should only Crispy highland people to eat whole-bone cooked crab meat or warehouse rather, steamed … The fish in the pan fat, lean golden nursery, smelling ecstatic. Fatty fish head fleshy, crispy, thin scales because grease paint on hot, aromatic meat inside that class and sweet, can chew always crispy whole fish bones.

Unlike fish tank, fish pond, spring fish meat Sapa sure, soft bone and not fishy. Sapa after spring fish caught from the rocks in the stream interstitial Muong Hoa, Muong Tien is brought on bamboo skewers and grill tongs gold over charcoal crispy red. This aromatic, with sweet flesh, crispy edible bones that will make you want to eat will be no end.

Stream Muong Hoa
Stream Muong Hoa

To enjoy grilled fish dishes a special streams and tastiest, after starting up your fish on skewers just bamboo skewers prepared and baked on a wood stove fire, add a little spice is made a dish delicious, attractive. Especially, eating grilled fish dot the sauce is mixed with chilli pepper with some spices from the spice trees were planted in the garden of local people, it was wonderful.

Currently the dam is built in Sapa district communes, fish stocks have slightly decreased over time. One has to move upstream to catch fish. Scarcely newly acquired should spring fish Do not miss the opportunity to try this dish.


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